Latest release from NIVA is the full-length album RELIEVIN’ RAIN which now is available for order at Official release date is set to be June 30, 2015! The songs for this album was planned to be the band’s follower to the debut album NO CAPITULATION back in 1994.

NIVA - Relievin' Rain

Songs for the RELIEVIN’ RAIN was made by: Tony Niva, Peter Andersson and Robert Jakobsson. The album is produced by Jan Strandh and mixed by Jan Strandh and Peter Andersson.
This album was recorded 20 years ago, so this is worth celebrating by releasing the album for the public masses. Expecting something different from NIVA? Then this release is for you!

Produced by: Jan Strandh
Recorded by: Peter Andersson at TBV Music Studio Skövde, Sweden 1995
Mixed by: Jan Strandh and Peter Andersson at TBV Music Studio Skövde, Sweden 1995
Mastered by: Uffe Börjesson, Ear Hear Studio Stockholm, Sweden 2015
Cover artwork and booklet design by: Mattias Norén ( Allingsås, Sweden 2015

Musicians for RELIEVIN’ RAIN is:
Tony Niva (Vocals)
Peter Andersson (Bass Guitar)
Robert Jakobsson (Guitars)
Dan Götensten (Drums)
Anders Biederbeck (Hammon)