New NIVA release entitled Magnitude is out today!




The release of the new album NIVA – Magnitude is now available at AOR Heaven. Magnitude is the third release from these Swedish melodic rockers and also their European debut.

Release information taken from the AOR Heaven – Newsletter 23/08/2013tony2
Although “Magnitude“ is already the third album by NIVA, the band around former SWEDISH EROTICA and LIONS SHARE singer Tony Niva is relatively unknown in our latitudes. No wonder, since the debut of „No Capitulation“ was released in 1994 in Japan only and for marketing reasons the sequel was released in Europe under the name OXYGEN. When you listen to the 11 songs on “Magnitude” it becomes instantly clear that you can not have it to do with any beginners. NIVA‘s music sounds too mature. Here sits every tone, the arrangements are perfectly matched and the ear candy factor is exceptionally high. Stylistically, the band reminds me often of their compatriots GRAND ILLUSION, which is not entirely surprising, because NIVA guitarist Roger Ljunggren was a guest musician on their albums „View From The Top“ and „Brand New World“. Those who appreciate the mentioned albums should love NIVA’s high-profile melodic rockers like „Never Too Late“, „Perfect Life“, „Always Somewhere“ or their epic ballads „In A Misty Light“ and „I Feel So Alone”. Among the 11 songs there is not a single filler to complain about. The only little criticism is that all songs are similar in nature and are so missing of the one or other surprising moment. Nevertheless, „Magnitude“ has become a great album that will ensure that the name NIVA will soon be familiar to the Melodic Rock fans in Europe. M. SPÄTH

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